我們是。的成員 每個國家的部委, a global movement dedicated to establishing church-planting churches, reaching the next generation on the campus and preaching the gospel to every nation. True to our name, we hail from many nations far and wide, especially the Americas, Southeast Asia, Africa and Taiwan. We wholeheartedly embrace Every Nation’s 願景陳述核心價值 和 信仰聲明。因此,我們努力向周圍的社區忠實地反映上帝的恩典和真理。

Our church was founded in July 2009 by Pastors KC and Hope Liu, who had previously spent many fruitful years planting churches in China, Hong Kong and the United States. In late 2018, we underwent a leadership transition aimed at empowering next generation leaders. In early 2021, we will undergo even more exciting changes with the arrival of Pastor Bruce and Teri Ho from NYC.  We are grateful for the strong oversight and support we continue to receive from our pastors and friends all around the world, including in NYC, Japan and the Philippines, whose members we host frequently with Taiwanese hospitality.

我們的熱情是培養以基督為中心,以他人為中心的門徒製造門徒。 無論你是誰,或者你去過哪裡,你都歡迎與我們一起建設。 我們打算通過投入必要的時間和精力來在小團體環境中建立真實的,終生的友誼。我們相信門徒和門徒。最終,我們渴望派遣具有影響力的領導人到地球的盡頭,讓上帝知道並帶給他榮耀。與我們的全球教會家庭一起,我們將最終達成 every nation 與福音!


Our leadership team is comprised of expats and locals of many different nations, professions, backgrounds and life experiences, bound by our common love for Jesus. Below are our brief bios. Please come say hello and introduce yourself. We would love to meet you!

- 高管團隊 -

Kevin&Jialin Nah


Kevin and Jialin met around Christmas 2003 and instantly connected when they learned they were both called to serve the nations with their professional degrees. They have lived in Taipei since July 2015 as expats sent by the firm where Kevin works as a lawyer. Kevin’s role as elder includes preaching, teaching and strategic planning.

Kevin was born in Seoul but grew up in the United States. He has practiced corporate law for over 18 years, including in NYC and London where he attended Every Nation churches. Jialin was born and raised in Penang, Malaysia and also studied in Singapore and Dublin. She practiced medicine in New York for eight years prior to moving to Taipei. Jialin participated in successful Every Nation church plants in Dublin and Penang and currently oversees our Every Nation Kids ministry. She is a trusted advisor to many moms and has a passion to see strong and healthy marriages and families. Kevin and Jialin have been married for over 14 years and have four wonderful children, ages ranging from 4 to 12. They love hosting guests in their home with tasty meals and meaningful conversations.

Lyn Mendoza


Lyn is from the beautiful Philippines islands. She leads our ENC campus ministry and serves as our discipleship coordinator. Through her digital marketing start-up company, she also oversees operations, graphic arts and media for our services and activities. Until fall 2019, she was a marketing manager for an international tourism company, but she has since taken bold steps toward becoming an entrepreneur and world missionary and reaching the nations for God.



Mark is a member of our Finance Committee and serves as our Sunday service coordinator, overseeing all aspects of our Sunday worship services. He also leads our Audio-Visual Team, making sure that our PPT and sound systems work perfectly. Mark was born in Taiwan and used to jump out of airplanes for the Taiwanese army. He is an entrepreneur and fitness buff. His hobbies include CrossFit, MMA and running Spartan Races.

- 其他領導人 -






Cat is a bundle of energy and appropriately heads up our Connect Team ministry. She wears many hats as she also serves in our music and prayer ministries. She was born and raised in Maui and exudes the Aloha spirit.

Erica Lu


Erica leads our Finance Committee and ensures that our finance reports are in line with our values and regulatory requirements. She is a professional risk manager and senior executive who has worked for a globally leading financial company in Shanghai and Taipei. She has responded to God’s call to serve in the marketplace by helping women at her company know more about Jesus.

Isa Bermejo


Isa是視聽團隊的共同領導者,因為她在科技行業工作並喜歡技術性的東西,所以很自然。她曾在菲律賓的姐妹教堂之一勝利巴科洛德任職。在她和丈夫Lenart於2012年12月結婚後,他們搬到了台北,相信這是上帝拓展領土的方式。 Isa目前領導兩個小團體,一個針對女性,另一個針對已婚夫婦。她很高興看到上帝在這段旅程中如何解開他非凡的秘密。

Manny Noronha


Manny serves in our Every Nation Campus and prayer ministries and loves to disciple young adults. Born and raised in India, Manny is passionate about networking with people from all walks of life and sharing the gospel. Manny works in sales and business development and likes to follow current world events, business and history.

Teri Cua


After graduating from the University of the Philippines, Teri came to Taiwan to pursue a masters degree in Applied Economics and Social Development. She is co-leading with us in Every Nation Campus, eager to see God move in the universities. She also loves children and serves as a teacher for Kids Church. In her spare time, she enjoys competitive volleyball, hiking and biking.


“但凡在你們中間成為偉大的人,必定是你們的僕人,無論誰在你們中間,誰都必須成為你們的奴隸。因為即使是人子,也不是為了服務而是為了服務,並為許多人獻上贖價。“ (馬可福音10:43-45)

我們相信通過生活旅行和作為精神家庭一起服務的價值;我們是 #bettertogether。我們的事工旨在結合上帝賜給我們的才能,以滿足我們周圍社區的需要。同時,他們為我們的成員創造空間,以找到他們獨特的目的,微調他們的禮物,並放棄跟隨耶穌。因為基督是我們的理智和獎賞,所以我們犧牲了快樂。請了解更多信息 點擊 在下面的標籤上,聯繫我們的領導。無論您是誰或您帶到桌上,我們都有適合您的地方!







我們的 每個國家校園 ministry exists to reach both international and local students to build a strong, supportive community and to ultimately change the world with the gospel. Our close proximity to NTU and other campuses reflects this call. We are eager to invest in students because they are the future leaders and influencers of society. As an Every Nation church, campus ministry is simply in our DNA. Check out our philosophy on campus ministry in the attached link: https://www.everynation.org/about/campus-ministry/




The Hospitality Ministry team is responsible for making every member and visitor feel welcomed, valued and at home while attending our church services. We endeavor to put a smile on people’s faces with our friendly greetings and genuine warmth. We’re always ready to assist anyone in need. We are here to help church attendees have a pleasant and uplifting experience every Sunday.


Our heart is for people to experience worship that ushers them into the very presence of God — that allows the Holy Spirit to touch souls, heal hearts and ignite a passion for Jesus. We are after Christ-centered worship that expresses His deep love toward us. Better is one day in His courts than thousands elsewhere! (Psalm 84:10)


The Prayer Ministry exists to cultivate a culture of prayer through deeper connection with God and one another. We lead Friday prayer meetings, worship nights and prayer walks; pre-service prayer; call and response ministry time on Sundays; and consecrated times of focused prayer & fasting. We take time to activate spiritual gifts and discern how the Holy Spirit is leading us personally and as a church. Through it all, our main heart’s cry is to get more of God and give Him the honor due His Name.


“以他應該去的方式培養孩子;即使他年老了,他也不會離開它。“ (箴言22:6 ESV)

我們愛我們的孩子,但上帝更愛他們!耶穌歡迎孩子,並說沒有人能夠進入他的王國,除非他們變得像孩子一樣。上帝喜歡孩子。在Every Nation Kids,我們希望所有家庭都能深入了解這個驚人的事實。我們優秀而敬業的老師,其中一些是專業教師,與父母合作,並堅信教導,知道上帝的話語將最好地為兒童及其家人做好精神成熟,情感健康,牢固的關係和最光明的未來。我們使用備受推崇的世界級課程,使星期日學校充滿樂趣,充滿愛心,培養和鼓舞人心。當我們的孩子在智慧,恩典和真理中成長時,他們將獲得必要的價值觀和生活工具,以便在他們所做的任何事情中享受快樂和成功。