EVEry nation kids

Jesus welcomed children and said no one can enter His kingdom unless they become like children. GOD LOVES KIDS. At Every Nation Kids, we want all families to realize this amazing truth. Our excellent and dedicated teachers, some of whom are teachers by profession, collaborate with parents and teach with conviction knowing that God’s Word will best prepare children for the brightest futures possible. 

Every nation Kids  (6 Months Old to 5th Grade)

Nursery Class

Your infant will get to have place to play, with the guidance of one parent. We prioritize helping your child to acclimatize to a church environment and to begin to experience spiritual practices such as group worship and stories from the Bible.

Kids Class

Your child will join in group worship, engaging in a structured lesson filled with activities like crafts, games, and creative play—all crafted to deepen their connection with God and foster a sense of community, enabling them to form meaningful friendships


Common EN Kids Questions

What classes are available at EN Kids?
Preschool 2 to 6 year olds
Primary and Pre-teens 7 to 12 year olds

We have one topic/lesson for both age groups then we divide the kids during the huddle so that we can contextualize the discussion questions based on their age level.

How do I check in my child?
At EN KIDS, our aim is to strengthen family ties and instill a heart of worship in each child. That’s why at the beginning of each service, we encourage all parents and their children to join us in the main hall so that we can worship together. Afterward, the children will be escorted to our kids’ room where they will be welcomed by our teachers. Following the service, the teachers will wait for the parent(s) to pick up their children before they are released.
What do I bring?
Please bring your kids’ essentials such as diapers, milk bottles, extra clothes, and medicine. If you are bringing toys, books, or any other items for your kids, please label it before leaving them.
What is your policy on illness?
Our heart’s desire is to provide a healthy and safe environment for the kids to learn and apply the Word of God. In line with this, we would like to encourage kids who have experienced fever, a runny nose, cough, vomiting, diarrhea, eye discharge, ear infection, rash, or any other contagious illness in the last 24 hours to refrain from checking in. We also encourage parents to notify the teachers so that we can stand with you in prayer.

Every Nation Youth

Teenagers from 6th to 12th grade can also discover their community at Every Nation Taipei. Our Every Nation Youth gathers with other teens to nurture and strengthen their faith in God through engaging lessons, group discussions, and fun activities.


For any other questions, please write us at info@everynationtaipei.com or call us at (02) 2367-7576